S&C Week in Review

Another week, another group of podcasts and articles to read and listen to that I have dived into. Like every other week, there was a ton of content out there both in written form and through podcasts. Enjoy! Weekend Review


Didn’t get a ton of podcast listening in this week but still listened to a few good shows. One, the CVASP with Gary Boros at the University of Denver was really good, just like everything else that Jay DeMayo puts out on his CVASP podcast. Also, first time I have listened to Don Saladino and Derek Hansen’s D&D Fitness Radio and I really liked it. Going to listen to more of their stuff.

CVASP #172 with Robert Ahmun

D&D Fitness Radio with Mike Boyle

Iron Game Chalk Talk with Matt Toohey

CVASP #177 with Gary Boros


Some really good articles but two that I really want to point out. One, the strength training for runners article, which highlights how important developing some strength and strength training in general in general is for runners. Second, the article that touches on strength training for women, which also highlights how important it is for women to strength train and get a little stronger. Strength can be a gamechanger for a lot of people.

An Open Letter to the Out of Control Sport Parent by John O’Sullivan

Strength Training for Runners: IT’S A MUST by Human Vortex Training

Don’t Waste the Warm Up on a Bike or Treadmill by Movement as Medicine

Tip: The Scientific Reason Women Need to Go Heavy by Chris Shugart

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