Pressing with Volleyball

🗣 Unpopular opinion ➡️ I don’t straight bar bench press 🏐 players. Ever.

Many volleyball players go through thousands of arm swings a year, something that may not be the most shoulder friendly thing in the world. Adding more stress to those shoulders by placing them in a fixed position with the straight bar that doesn’t allow the shoulders to move freely and ‘pins’ the scapula down, may do more damage then good. Also, there are so many other ways to train the movement pattern that are arguably more shoulder friendly.

Instead, we’ll Landmine Press. We perform a lot of push ups. We perform a lot of Bottoms Up Kettlebell work. We perform pressing movements that allow the scapula to move freely and through a full range of motion.

Like so many other exercises that we choose to perform or not perform, it’s a simple risk:reward scenario. The last thing we want is someone to get hurt as a result of their strength training program. 

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