Train With Craig September Warm Up

The September Train With Craig program is up and running.‼️

The program includes three options…a general fitness program, an athlete program, and an at home program…and you get access to them all when you sign up.

Below is the warm up to be completed before each training session ⬇️

Adductor Rock x5 each
Spider-Man Stretch w/ T-Spine Rotation x10 each
90/90 Hip Rotation x5 each
Knee Hug Hip aloft x10 second hold + 10 reps each
Deadbug x10 each
Wall Slide x10
Split Squat x10 seconds + 5 each
Lateral Squat x5 each
Heel to Butt with Reach x5 each
Pogo Hop x10 Yards
High Knee Run x10 Yards
Shuffle x10 Yards each

If you are interested in joining Train With Craig, we would love to have you!

Follow this link and see if its a fit for you!

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